Audio Recording for Interviews: Stillmotion Shows us Why your Microphone Selection is So Important

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There are so many different options out there for capturing audio that sometimes it’s difficult to decide what really makes to most sense for any one particular project.  When we’re interviewing subjects for a video we mostly work with a Sony ECM-44B (Lavalier) mic that turns out very consistent results.  Of course the downside of Lavs is that sometimes subjects might make contact with the mic, or clothing can muffle the sound slightly if you aren’t careful.    When we shot the Made In Cayman television series we used a mixture of Lavalier and Senheisser Shotgun mics that were set up on C-Stands.

I think that the main point is the importance of sound to video should not be looked at lightly.  I look at sound as if it were the icing on the cake and also crust; it brings everything together and can greatly impact the viewers experience (nobody likes bad audio and it’s the first elements people will associate with bad filmmaking).

As I continued research on how to make my audio recording skills better I came across a video from Stillmotion that compares microphones in an interview environment.  It really shows you how different audio sources can dramatically change the quality of the sound and also the emotional impact the video has on the viewer.

Check it out at their blog below:

If you want to learn more about filmmaking in general, follow these folks!  They share a lot of great insight into the art-form.

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